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What are the design requirements that you cannot provide services for?2022-08-17T10:12:06+03:00

All requirements that violate the municipal regulations, the building system and the Saudi building code, as well as projects that contain stolen apartments or separated floors.

What are the documents required when signing the contract?2022-08-17T10:11:39+03:00

A clear copy of the land ownership deed | A clear copy of the civil status card | The original cadastral report prepared by the municipality.

How long does it take for you to finish the design after signing the contract?2022-08-17T10:11:13+03:00

Not less than three months with the issuance of the building permit and after securing the required documents from the client and without any obstacles delaying the provision of design services.

What are the steps that precede the stage of signing the contract?2022-08-17T10:10:44+03:00

1- The form or e-mail is sent to us so that we can study the requests and then submit our financial offer to the client by e-mail.
2- In the event that the financial offer is suitable for the client and within the budget allocated for the design, at that time, the office will be contacted to determine the date of signing the contract.
3- After signing the contract, a meeting is held with the client to know and study all his desires to come up with the optimal requirements that serve the project from all its angles.

What are the services provided and what is the scope of work?2022-08-17T10:10:16+03:00

1- Architectural plans
(The general location and projections of all floors, in addition to the facades with the finishing elements, the sector, and the tables for doors and windows) and the levels, heights and detailed sizes are indicated on them.
2- Structural Drawings
(bases and foundations, roofs, columns and bridges)
3- Sewage schemes
4- Electrical schematics
5- Obtaining a building permit

On what basis are your services priced?2022-08-17T10:09:45+03:00

Pricing is done in our office based on the number of working hours required to complete the project by the work team and based on the type of project, customer requirements and land area.

How much do your design services cost?2022-08-17T10:09:17+03:00

Our prices start from 45 thousand riyals and increase in proportion to the size and complexity of the project.

What is the smallest residential land area that the office can provide design services for?2022-08-17T10:08:43+03:00

Lands starting from 400 square meters and above.

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