Tabarjal Publuic Garden

The governorate of Tabarjal enjoys the richness of its natural resources, in addition to its prosperity in agriculture as a result of many factors, including fertile soil and abundant water that is extracted from wells, as well as the mild climate, all of these factors have helped to expand the agricultural area of the province, and agriculture has helped the stability of the Badia people who lived a life of movement in order to provide food and pastures, and the prosperity of agriculture helped to maintain the production of more Various agricultural crops of vegetables and fruits.

Tabarjal Governorate Location

Tabarjal Governorate is located in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and administratively belongs to the Al-Jawf region. This city is located within short distance from the governorates of Hail and Sakaka, from the border areas, as it is located within a short distance also from the borders of Jordan. The location of the governate of Tabarjal is also concentrated in the center of Wadi Al-Sarhan, which was named by this name because of the ancient spread of a type of wolves there. ” Known as “Wolf Sirhan” Tabarjal Governorate is located on a latitude of 30 degrees, and as for longitude, it lies on a longitude of 39 degrees.

AlsaudiConsult Engineering Company

Alsaudiconsult was asked to create a design for the public garden and it was an honor for us to invest our knowledge and dedicate our engineers for such a project, specially with the Kingdom’s Transformation and the Vision 2030 of his Royal Highness Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

The first rule of process engineering is pretty simple – show up. Tabarjal project design was often done from a remote office, and this is largely appropriate, but some on-site time was necessary for enough responsible persons on the team to truly understand site conditions. These conditions could be climactic, geographic, social, or deal with other local matters.